There are no bad owners, only bad dogs


Jeff Foxworthy would be proud.

Weekend fun, Texas style:

We spent the weekend being rednecks and it was a blast. We took the dogs out to a tiny town north of San Antonio, home of our friends whom I shall refer to as "Gina and Dallas" in order to preserve their anonymity. Gina and Dallas live waaaay out in the country and are labrador retriever whores. They will do anything for a lab, and the yellower, the better. We took the new BB gun out there "to sight it," but really just to shoot at crap. Dallas had several four-packs of skunky Guinness stout from the convenience store across the street, so those were set up on a stump and shot at. In this photo, it may be hard to see the detail but the boys are using one four-pack of Guinness to rest the gun barrels on while they shoot at the rest of the beer. Hah!

Also amusing was when the puppy found an unbreached can of beer and tried to carry it, piercing it with his sharp little milk teeth and causing a beer shower to rain on him. That puppy drank a lot of skunky Guinness:

Of course, the exhaustion was also caused by endless hours of playing with the big kids.

We had taken a large supply of sangria with us along with some shrimp and steaks which we got too drunk to grill. Sangria is gooooood. We stole some wood from across the street (it was justifiable stealing according to the logic of 4 drunk people, so don't be disappointed) and tried to chop it up to put into the grill. That's what you really think of when you think of Texas, isn't it? Four drunk people with guns and an axe. Apparently this wood had petrified because it was a) impossible to chop and b) still burning the next morning. We used concrete pavers to set it on before the chopping attempts, and the logs ended up whole and the pavers were dust.

Then they got the firecrackers out. We discovered that Katy + sparklers = an incredible burst of speed.

After I "fell asleep," there were some covert operations carried out that involved fence climbing and lurking.

So, no one married his sister, we all still have most of our teeth, and the dogs all ended up tired.

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