There are no bad owners, only bad dogs


Oh my god, these chocodiles...

Jeezy Chreezy, my desk is a pig sty. I wonder if veterinarians get confused when pigs have a stye? Is it a pig sty, a pig's stye, or a pig's tie? My William Shakespeare action figure hasn't been stolen, which is fabulicious. I didn't get a ticket for driving an unregistered car to the vehicle registration place, which is unusual because my luck usually swings the other way. No one dared brave the conditions of my cubicle (defcon 8) to clean it while I was gone, but I understand that the piece of birthday cake that was sitting on my chair for several weeks was removed by someone who realized that I wouldn't want it -- even I find 6 month-old cake a bit challenging. Of course, it would have come in handy for my Miss Haversham costume in October...

I am thinking of having a T-shirt made that says "It was really, really frustrating" made so I don't have to tell the same stories over and over again.

I have caught myself (or been caught) driving on the wrong side of the road only a few times, and that was always when there were no other drivers around to give me a clue about where I should be on the road. Starting my car was a bit of a chellenge, but it has held a charge for two days, so it should be fine now.

I have been soundly mocked recently for my "obsession" with blogs, but let me tell you, blogs are the reason the Internet was made. They are the best embodiment of the information highway. My pen pals buoyed my spirits during the long, dark, cold English winter (it really was a winter of discontent - go Shakespeare!). Without Pimp , Andy , Judd , Loopy , and all of my other blog buddies, I wouldn't have had much to look forward to on a daily basis. It's just Pen Pals, which our 4th grade teacher always encouraged us to cultivate, anyway.

Last night, Katy removed my passport from my purse and placed it under the dining room table, but she didn't shred it. Who says dogs can't read?

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