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Get your tails ready to wag until it hurts!

Holy giant man-eating clam, Batman! Be careful what you wish for! Because it might come true and then you'll have to figure out how to get everything packed and get 6 boxes hauled the mile up the road to the office to get shipped (challenging on the bus, no?) and how you'll get to the airport Saturday morning for a 10:15 flight and you were going to buy presents for people on Saturday and now you can't and the girl who is housesitting for you expected to have three more days to move and aaaahhh. But the bright side is so sunny and happy and gay... It's a chance for me pull a counter-fuck-over maneuver that will piss off the Red Queen to a really, really huge extent. Revenge is a dish best served from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean where the old cunty bitch can't get her manky liver-spotted hands on my throat. Mwahhahaha. Oh, to see her face on Monday morning when she finds I'm already gone... Who knew bitter childishness could be so sweet?

So, I spent last night packing and trying to pry a peanut out from between the keys of my laptop. Both were successful. I need to keep out 4 days of clothes and grooming supplies, towels, bedding, 1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 bowl, 1 glass. Everything else can go. All food will henceforth be eaten from the container or a bowl. Most beverages will be swilled directly from the bottle. Small appliances will be taken to the animal shelter thrift shoppe. Getting the TV and DVD player to the office for shipping will be tricky -- I may end up illegally using a company car for this. So by Friday, my to-do list is:

1. Finish packing
2. Boxes to office for shipping including TV and DVD player (which I had planned to sell but no one wanted to buy, cheap bastards)
3. Electrics to thrift shop
4. Arrange for car to airport at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday
5. Keys back to landlord

Social calendar:
Tuesday: Dinner with Emily
Wednesday: Drinks with Jenni and her several million friends
Thursday: Drinks with tech boys
Friday: Dinner with department

Decision: Stay at flat Friday night or stay at hotel? If option A is chosen, then I have to pack up towels and bedding Saturday morning before the cab comes. If option B is chosen, then those items can be sent on Friday. Hardly a decision at all, is it? Holiday Inn Friday night, it is.

I want to sing the Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy song from Ren and Stimpy all day!

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