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My medication needs readjusting

I just wrote a long, boring story about how last night I accidentally got drunk, went to the store, and bought paper towels instead of toilet paper. I disgust myself with the lameness.

After getting accidentally drunk and going to the store, I got home, thinking that Id stayed out really late. It was 8 pm. Damned Australians.

Random memory:

A very, very long time ago, when my monkey was just a little monkey, I had gone back to school to get a teaching certificate. He was in preschool, but for some reason I had to take him to class with me one day. He was about 4, I think. He was shy, so he spent a lot of time clinging to my leg. I was waiting in the hallway for a class to let out, he was clinging to my leg, and I had given him some paper and a pen to draw with.

When I got home, I discovered that he had written KIK ME on the back pocket of my white jeans with his black pen. Also, on the way back out to the car after class was over, he suddenly decided he really had to pee and just took it out and peed on a tree in the parking lot. He thought college was a lot of fun. I have a feeling that if he ever goes back to college, hell spend his time there in much the same way as he did that first time: vandalism and random urination.

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