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Randomized Crap

Things I'm Thankful For*:

1. J-lo's "career" seems to be finally over.

2. When Britney comes back from her two-year sabbatical, her big comeback will pass mostly unnoticed.

3. No one even bothered to try to tell me I can't have American holidays off.

4. I'm going to Hawaii.

5. I'm almost halfway through my term here.

6. I made pie without a recipe, and it turned out OK. At least, I haven't had any adverse effects so far. Not like that time in Orlando when I ate tainted potato salad served from the work crapeteria and started with the vomiting and explosive squirts in the middle of a meeting. But I digress...

7. Australians.

8. Reality tv. Except for the pseudo-celebrity shows, which aren't as funny when you really don't know who the people are. Example: I'm a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here is currently on here, with British D-list celebrities. The only one I recognize is Antonio Fargas. Uh huh. Huggy Bear.

9. Katy, Buster, Rocket, Comet, Marzipan, Adventure Baby, and Pumpernickel.

10. Greg, Gena, Nicky, Sharon, monkey boy, Cookie.

*Not in any particular order; I know that I ended a phrase with a preposition, but I'm cutting loose today.

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