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There's a fresh "crop" in the driveway.

I have discovered a new breed of diarylander -- the diaryland one-night-stand whore. There are people who troll around and randomly add you to their favorites in the hope that you'll add them to yours. When you don't, they disappear like a hooker with your wallet, leaving behind nothing but sad memories and a case of the scratchies. Of course, this only matters if you care about the opinion of someone who like, writes Oh my God!!-style and addz the letter z to az many wordz az pozzible.

Well, my company car has been taken away before I even held the keys in my hand. I am back to no longer being an employee of the company in whose building I work. Therefore, I am not covered by their insurance and can't use the car. When it's convenient for them, I am employed by an American company and am just squatting in their offices. I might just squat in an office before I leave, but I'll make sure I had dinner at the kebab van the night before so it's extra squirty. So since I'm not an employee here, I've decided that I'm going to follow the American holiday calendar. So fuck them. I'm taking Thanksgiving off. And it's not a vacation day.

I'm going to try again to see Stonehenge this weekend. Without the getting lost part.

Last night I had to stay late for a focus group, which Greg refers to as "the Pepsi challenge." It was interesting, but someone in marketing is dropping the ball, because in 2 focus groups, we've had exactly 4 participants. Does this seem like a rather thin sample on which to base a product? This is how the new Coke and Jello 1-2-3 were birthed, I bet.

Another reality show on tv last night: Package Holiday Nightmares Exposed!! or something like that. All about people who paid tiny sums to vacation in the Balkans and were shockingly dissatisfied with their accomodations. Hmmm. Poor quality hotels in the Balkans. Who'd have guessed? Right: anyone with enough neurons to form a synapse. Another segment was about the shocking aftermath of getting a henna tattoo from a street vendor. What? They use hair dye instead of henna!? And then you get an allergic reaction and an infection? That's appalling. Street vendors should be known as the hallmark of quality and safety. Food poisoning from eating food with mayonnaise in it? I'm speechless. Without speech.

Last night I dreamt about my sister, with whom I haven't spoken in several years (her choice, not mine). It was very weird, because in the dream, she was being nice to me. We were looking at houses for me to buy and it was very important for me to have a house with lots of animal pens for some reason. Maybe when I get home, I'll quit the business and become a farmer. Except that I won't kill anything, so I'll have to eke out a living by selling manure. Hey, that's kind of what I do already.

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