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Journalism? I don't think so.

Last night I watched the most infuriating documentary about the most infuriating people.

I am so ready for this election to be over.

I do not believe that the authors of this documentary speak for all British citizens any more than Michael Moore speaks for all Americans. However, it still pissed me way off.

The reporter seemed to be the British equivalent of Geraldo in style and approach to the topic, which was that American elections are stupid. He began by spouting off about how everyone believes in the concept of ďone man, one voteĒ but that is all a sham because of the Electrical College.

Well, Einstein, itís not like the Electoral College is some big secret or conspiracy. Itís all over American history and government textbooks. Itís all over CNN. You might try reading a book before you announce that American elections are rigged by this mysterious, shadowy group.

Next he went on to say that every vote that is cancelled out by an opposite vote doesnít count.


Because of that cancellation of votes, the election is actually decided by just a couple million people. And he went off to find those people. Mostly in Detroit, for some reason. He went into a downtown area with a topographical map of the world (no national boundaries marked) and a list of statements each candidate had made. He opted to speak mostly to African Americans, which I found to be beyond racist for reasons I will explain in a moment. He asked several of these people where Afghanistan and Iraq are Ė point to them on the map (with no national boundaries marked). Most of them pointed near the Middle East, some closer to Europe, some in north Africa. His commentary was that these incredibly ignorant people are deciding the future of the world. I was agog. No white people were outed for their ignorance.

Then he went on to read statements from the candidates and ask who had said what. Iím telling ya, at this point Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson couldnít accomplish that task.

More commentary about how ignorant these voters are.

Then he said something along the lines of ďThe greatest democracy in the world? I donít think so.Ē I punched my tv. I spat on my tv license. Cocksucker.

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