There are no bad owners, only bad dogs


Set your clocks back -- 40 years!!

Actual road signs I saw this weekend:

Cats eyes removed
Adverse camber
Road studs missing

I figured out two of them, but I never noticed the camber being adverse at all.

I also saw a guy whose teef looked like this:

And they weren't from Dr. Bukk's.

I stayed at a motel where they proudly displayed this

in the restaurant. I thought it might have an interesting bit of history attached to it, but the hotel brochure just said it was found in an attic "somewhere in Norfolk." And that "it is believed" (by whom?) that a cat in your attic was good luck. All of the information said it was a mummified cat, but it was clearly petrified. Duh.

I saw the ruins of a Norman castle and I saw where the queen stays when she's not in her regular castle. They made a big fucking deal about how much the queen likes jigsaw puzzles. That makes me believe in the monarchy.

I saw the English channel and a stand where they were selling bizarre seafoods I'd never heard of before (whelks, among others). I tried to get they boy to go for the jellied eel, but he didn't.

We tried to play blackjack but couldn't remember the rules about exactly when you bet. We tried to play poker but had the same general issues of not knowing the rules. We are dumb.

I saw about a million dogs, which made me miss mine. A lot of them were spaniels though, which made me glad I will never own a spaniel.

Some guy flirted with me in a pub, surprising me to the point that I walked into the door. Thunk. The flirting stopped abruptly.

It's 4:19 and it's almost dark.

Halloween is not the marketing and gluttony extravaganza over here that it is in the US. I saw about 5 trick-or-treaters, all dressed as witches. There was no huge display of orange candy (what the hell are those circus peanuts, anyway?). I do know, however, that Halloween is a drinking holiday in Ireland. I love those people!!

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