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Alpo Surprise

You know how some movies are so bad, they're good? Like "Showgirls"? Well, "The Day Before Yesterday," or whatever it's called, isn't like that.

Why is my body staging a rebellion? (Better question: Why is my body revolting?) Maybe it's my brain... Something wakes me up every night after about 2 hours of sleep and won't allow me to fall asleep again. Counting backwards from 100, crossword puzzles, reading, nothing helps. I'm sooo tired.

To reality show whores: BBC America is now showing Holiday Showdown , which is crappy reality TV at it's best. It has a little dash of Cops in it (white trash guaranteed!), nothing gets remodeled. Get yourself some cable. Enjoy other people's suffering. It helps.

I'm distressed because my absentee ballot seems to have been lost in the mail. I had it sent to the address of the hostel with a pay phone where I was sposed to be living, and no one has bothered to forward it on to me. I know the Electrical College has the real responsibility, but I want to do my civic duty.

Apparently, Senor Norway was so drunk Saturday night that he didn't remember a large portion of what he did and said and he sent me a note of apology. It's rare in my life when I get to call someone a moron and they apologize to me. So tired.

Yesterday I am quite certain that I had dog food over rice for lunch. With all of the walking and losing my appetite over crappy food, I should be a stick person by now. Apparently vodka has calories in it, which it shouldn't, seeing as it's a clear liquid.

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