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Two nights, no sleep. Couldn't fall asleep until the alarm went off this morning, then fell asleep long enough to remember what sleeping is like and miss it terribly.

Saturday night at the Eagle and Child (aka the Bird and Baby, the Fowl and Fetus): The only way you'd know that C.S. Lewis and Tolkien hung out here would be to read a couple of posters on the walls. Other than that, a rather ordinary (although quite long and narrow) pub. A rather eclectic group (which means that we had very little in common with one another other than our workplace). A couple of Australians, a couple of Brits, an Indian/British guy who had lived in America long enough to have an American accent, a Norwegian guy who had lived in England most of his life and had a stunning Japanese wife who spoke almost no English. Internet?

So the evening progressed with lots of chatting and drinking. One of the women had been given tickets to see the musical "Chicago," which starred a former soap opera (British) actor as Richard Gere. Whatever -- I never saw the movie and never will. I have put it into the category of "Titanic." I mentioned that last year, the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" toured the States starring Sebastian Bach, formerly of Skid Row, starring as Jesus. I thought that was wet-your-pants funny, but since no one there knew who Sebastian Bach was, it lost some of the humor in the explaining. No, it actually lost all of the humor. Nor did they know why <"Bat Boy: The Musical">was fucking hilarious. Oh, well.

So the evening progressed, we went to dinner at an Italian restuarant, kept drinking, and at some point, the topic turned to why Dubya is an idiot and how Americans are all fat. You know how it's ok for you to call your brother a syphilitic monkey ass, but you don't want other people calling him that? So when the Norwegian/British guy called all Americans fat rhinoceroses, I thought it might be ok for me to call him a moron. He didn't think it was ok, though, and had quite a dramatic little temper tantrum. Then he put himself on time out, leaving his non-English-speaking wife with a crowd on non-Japanese-speaking strangers. When he did come back, everyone else at the table told him that he really was a moron, and he calmed down.

Then later, everyone else went to a disco, and I went home. On Sunday, I scoured all of Summertown (i.e., I went to one newsagent) looking for an American paper. Nope. Sigh. Got my political news from the London Times, not bad, but there was an awful lot of "news" about the differences between Laura Bush and Theresa Heinz Kerry and about the differences between the two sets of daughters. I did learn that Alexandra Kerry was in both "Spartan" and "State and Main," which was news to me. I still don't think that Jenna Bush is "the hot one."

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