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Stuff I forgot to put in the last entry, but meant to:

To replace my addiction to crappy American reality shows, I have become addicted to crappy British reality shows, the concepts of which will then be stolen by American networks. Right now, it's The Farm, which is set, duh, on a farm. At first I thought it was like The Real World on a farm, and one of the contestants happened to be Vanilla Ice. As it turns out, to everyone else here, ALL of the contestants are semi-famous or notorious. One of the women, Rebecca Loos, is famous for boinking David Beckham. Another is famous for being a football star, living life like Wilt Chamberlain, and beating the crap out of his TV presenter girlfriend in a bar. So it turns out that it's really The Surreal Life on a farm. I can't wait to return to the States and see Gary Coleman inseminating a pig. And no, I did NOT mean artificially.

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