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So, my Target wish list is here. In case you were wondering.

Yesterday I ordered a new power cord from Dell to replace ol' Sparky. At first I thought I had ordered the wrong one (because that's what I do), but as it turns out, yeeehaw, I ordered the right one. According to Dell, my new power cord is currently being built at the factory in Ireland, and will be here in 7 to 10 working days. You'd think they'd have some kind of sorting algorithm in their software that would separate the computers from the rest of the stuff which, presumably, isn't custom made. My blinky box will be delivered this afternoon, and an actual helpful Brit is going to call me and let me know when to be home to accept the delivery. Hot damn. I didn't know they made the helpful kind.

We came up with an interesting theory last night -- Americans, Canadians, Australians all share some commonalities in personality traits (very generally speaking). So you'd assume that the motherland of all of these Anglo Saxon types would also share that trait. So why is it that it's faster to get something done in Mexico or Italy than in GB? I mean, things take abso-fucking-lutely forever to get themselves accomplished over here. So we are guessing that the trait that drove all of the proto-Canadians, -Australians, and -Americans out of Great Britain was that we were all just tired of waiting for crap to get done. "Hell," our forefathers and -mothers said, "it would be faster if we just left here and did it ourselves."

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