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Corn pudding

The meeting I was in yesterday was led by one of the most dreaded entities in the universe: the woman who thinks she's hot but isn't. The whole way there she talked about make-up, put on make-up, talked about how the guys working on her house were always hitting on her, and how sure she was that one was going to start stalking her. This is from someone who I've been mentally calling Big-booty Judy. Her name's not Judy, but her booty is big. Blah blah blah me me blah look how long my eyelashes are now blah blah rubbing up against me blah. I wanted to tell her that people 3 feet away could accidentally rub against her -- it didn't mean that they thought she was hot.

Which reminds me of a funny thing Greg said. One of the HR women here has a big butt. It's Greg's theory that she refers to her butt as "the twins" or "the ladies." Hah!

Sooo, I got to spend the day with un-hot woman and listen to her talk about herself. A lot. Which may explain the dozing off during the meeting.

In Dallas, women have their hair all "done" (combed) and wear lots of make-up. When they say "Yes," it's a 2 syllable word. They probably don't fall asleep in meetings.

The last time I made corn, Katy at an entire cob after Greg had eaten the corn off. She didn't swallow it whole, but she chewed it into small bits and at the whole thing. The next day, Thanksgiving corn pudding came out. Lots of it.

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